Body Painting

Ashlie Alvey is a painter, designer, and story teller. It is by combining those three passions that she transforms her visions into creations which are not only a treat for the eye but, also, a treat for the soul.

Through the use of evocative imagery, her work is able to uncover emotions deeply embedded in the hearts of her audience. She is able to transfer her own complex emotions into each of her designs which results in forming a deeply personal relationship with her pieces. It is for this reason, that each work she creates a therapeutic experience for her.

Ashlie began her body painting journey with a small design intended as a personal message, the simple idea and declaration that we as humans should unabashedly love ourselves. collage for site with credsYet, simplicity is often the basis for the most dynamic compositions.  Recognizing the power of releasing her soul into her work spurred her desire to share the cathartic effect with others.Rebecca Lynn - 9 with creds

Megan Collage for Site

BARE EVENT COLLAGE JAN 2018 Sacred HeartFor body painting inquiries please email Ashlie Alvey at