Self Paintings

A note from Ashlie:

The truth is that face and body art is so much more than just a job to me. It is my biggest passion and other than my husband, kids, and my faith, it is what brings me the most joy in life. So, when I’m not helping local families and businesses make memories by providing them with amazing face painting or spending quality time with my family, I can often be found creating brand new designs, honing my skills, and transforming myself into something (or someone) else. Just for fun!

It is my pleasure to invite you to view a gallery of Self Paintings.


Ashlie Alvey

collage joker less grunge with link

man with linkFreddy 1 with linkUrsula Makeup Day 12 linkYoshi Fishing Cheep Cheep July 12 with link         1-14 Flame Skull inspired by Tanya Maslova with link          Realism lipstick Beauty 7-13 with link

Christmas Minnie and Mickey 9-26-17 with link        collage of demon darkened a bit with link

Day 27 Meeko Pocahontas with link
Collage of Foxes June 6 with linkPooh and Friends Collage site link

Day 30 Goofy with linkLily painting on hand 4-27-17 with link                  creepy doll collage with link

Day 34 Marie link

Dopey 2 day 5 link

Pirate Skull 7-20 with link         July 3 Tear Drop Tuesday with link      June 4 number 2 no logo with link

zombie 9-9-16 collage with link

rose head 3 with link    September 8 with link    Holiday Mask SGs with linkDay 36 Scar and Mufasa with link