Welcome to Chubby Cheeks Body Art

If you value high-quality face painting and body art along with amazing customer service then Chubby Cheeks Body Art is the perfect face painter for you!10-24 Tiger and Cheetah with site link.jpgTo book Chubby Cheeks Body Art for your upcoming event or private appointment please email: chubbycheeksart@gmail.com 

Meet the Artist

Ashlie Alvey is a fun-loving, professional artist residing in beautiful Richmond Hill, Georgia along with her husband Zac and their two young children, Lillie and Nijel.
She has been immersed in all things face and body art since 2015 after coming up short in her search for face painting entertainment for her daughter’s winter birthday.

Now three years later and Ashlie is even more consumed with the desire to provide her friends, neighbors, and local businesses with exceptional face and body painting.edit head shot smile

Ashlie is proud to be on a team of talented artist bloggers at FacePaint.com and to have her work featured multiple times in such publications as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine.

Please send any inquiries to Ashlie at chubbycheeksart@gmail.com







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